• Corporación Marítima


  • Strategic and Technical: Design and management of maritime transport, logistics, environment and cooperation projects. Institutional, national and international consulting. Follow-up from the strategic formulation to the operative implementation of the solution. Technical assistance in technologies, systems and processes related to their sectors of specialization.
  • International Consulting: Strategic planning, identification of markets and opportunities, domestic and foreign trade and investment attraction for companies seeking to establish in national and international markets. Design of national, European and international cooperation strategies, programmes and projects.
  • Technological innovation: Participation in national, international and European research, development and innovation programmes and projects in the fields of maritime transport, training, environment, safety or European policy.
  • Employment and Training: Highly committed to the employment of maritime personnel, it offers placement agency services. It also maintains a close relationship with different academic institutions from which it promotes various training projects, both academic and professional.