• Corporación Marítima

The Firm

Corporación Marítima was founded in 1995 by Rafael Lobeto Lobo, former General Director of the Spanish Merchant Marine (1989-1995), maritime lawyer and captain of the Spanish Merchant Marine.

The innovative spirit of Lobeto Lobo stands out, who besides creating Corporación Marítima created the law firm Lobeto Lobo Abogados to be able to offer an integral advice to the client.

Lobeto Lobo has fought since the beginning of his career for the defense of human life at sea, being considered the father of the current maritime rescue system and of the Spanish civil maritime administration, through his crucial role in the creation of Sociedad de Salvamento y Seguridad Marítima -SASEMAR- by means of the Law 27/1992, of November 24, of State Ports and of the Merchant Marine.

Currently, Corporación Marítima has more than 20 years of experience in the maritime port sector, in which it has participated in relevant projects at national and international level, creating strong links in Europe and Latin America, where it has a significant presence.


Corporación Marítima born with a vocation of service to the client, offering a personalized treatment adjusted to its necessities.

Among its values stand out:

  • Excellence and constant innovative spirit
  • Adaptation to change and flexibility
  • The defence of human life at sea
  • Protecting the oceans
  • Environmental commitment

These values allow Corporación Marítima to develop a successful activity in its fields of action with a wide national and international projection.

Corporación Marítima constantly collaborates with foundations and other non-profit entities, offering its experience and professional capacity for the development and realization of diverse social, cultural, academic and training activities. Among them are the Philippe Cousteau Foundation "Union of the Oceans", the Titanic Foundation, and the International Institute of Mediation and Arbitration of Transport -IIMAT-.